Pet Odor Control

Many of you reading this post, at one time or another have walked into a home that had an unpleasant odor. Your first instinct is to scrunch up your nose and run for the door. Once outside the first thing you should do is contact Burg Restoration Services. We are your go-to company to combat any type of house hold odor. Be it pet odor, cigarette smoke odor or a musty smell.

Recently Burg Restoration Services assisted RE/MAX of Reading Agent, Kathy Greiss, with a pet odor issue, in a home she was listing.

The home had been vacant for some time. When the home was occupied the Owners removed the majority of the carpet and pad. The carpet and pad that remained was soiled by the pets as well as all of the exposed wooden sub floors. Needless to say when you walked in the home the pet odor hit you like a ton of bricks.

In three days Burg eliminated the pet odor by first removing and disposing of the existing carpet and pad. In all of the rooms, all of the baseboards and lower portions of the walls were hand scrubbed; and all of the tiled floors were thoroughly cleaned. Next all of the rooms with the sub floor were treated with an odor eliminating cleaning process unique to Burg Restoration Services. Lastly an ozone machine was placed in the home, along with air movers for air movement, for two days.

Once on the market several realtors and buyers passed through the home. During the showings no one mentioned that they smelled a pet odor. The odor was completely eliminated. You can visually see how effective the process was in the before and after photos. The floors were stained and after the process they lightened.

Please contact Burg Restoration Services for your next odor issue.

Before Treatment – Hallway

After Treatment – Hallway

After Treatment – Living Room

Before Treatment – Living Room

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